in Association with IBMT Harrogate Theatre, The Place, Bedford  and Unite the union.

Townsend Productions present the world premiere of:



Potten End Village Hall

7.30pm Saturday 25th March 2017

Tickets £10 from Paula Geere 07956968189 or Danny Bonwitt 01442 862974

Bar available


★★★★★ ‘Dare Devil Rides to Jarama is quite simply the best political theatre produced for a long, long time.’ MORNING STAR

★★★★★ Dare Devil Rides To Jarama is a sizzling pot pourri of folk songs, chants, poetry, clever staging, multi-role playing and confetti performed at break-neck speed by two actors who keep the audience on the edge of their seats from start to finish. LONDON THEATRE 1

★★★★ ‘If you have the slightest bit of interest in history and politics it’s a fascinating watch.’ London City Nights



SPAIN 1936: When Fascism clutched at the throat of the Spanish people threatening a foul tyranny and the menace of war in Europe, Clem “Dare Devil” Beckett felt at once that his place was in freedom’s rank and joined many other volunteers that formed the International Brigades.

Not for nothing did he earn the name, “Dare Devil”. He was loved by the masses for his great daring, courage and skill on the Speedway track. He was a man of the people, and the same fight he used against money-sharks and corruption in his sport, he used to defend democracy against Franco’s rising fascist army.

In Spain Clem developed an unlikely friendship with literary critic, writer and poet Christopher Caudwell; but a common cause had brought them together and they died at their machine gun post covering their battalion’s retreat at the Battle of Jarama in February 1937.