The Management of Potten End Village Hall

The general management and control of the Hall and the arrangements for their use are vested in the Village Hall Council.  The Council is made up of members from local organisations that have a right to appoint one member.

The Village Hall Council is tasked with finding sufficient funds to meet all expenditure in connection with the Trust Premises for which the Permanent Trustee may be liable and insurances, it decides how monies should be used for repairs, effects, rates, taxes, salaries and other outgoings and provisions appropriate to meet the purpose of the Hall and its upkeep and improvement.

The Council can make and alter Rules and Regulations for the conduct of its business, in particular:

  • Terms and Conditions upon which the premises may be used and the sum to be paid for their use
  • Appointment of Auditor, Treasure and other such unpaid officers
  • Engagement and dismissal of paid servants of the Trust Premises
  • The number of members who shall form a quorum at its meetings

New organisations in the Parish, with social, recreational or educational character, not inconsistent with those upon which the Trust Premises are held, subject to the approval of two thirds majority of the Village Hall Council, can use the premises and appoint a Member of the Council.  Similarly if an organisation ceases or fails to make an appointment, the Council shall decide by a two thirds majority vote in what way the vacancy shall be filled.

The day to day running of the Hall is delegated to a Caretaker Manager.  This includes accepting and controlling bookings; maintaining the Hall in a clean, safe and adequately equipped condition and ensuring that the buildings are kept secure.

Sydney Renee Courtauld (1873-1962)

Sydney Renee Courtauld was the niece of Samuel Courtauld and the daughter of Sydney Courtauld, crepe and silk manufacturers and part of the Courtauld family firm which became one of the leading names in the British textile business.  She was born in Bocking, Essex (where part of the family business was established) and was educated at Roedean and Newnham.

She became a social work helper with the Women’s University Settlement and the Charity Organisation Society and was a member of the Braintree School Board.  Sydney Renee Courtauld was  active in the movement for women’s suffrage being a member of the London Society for Women’s Suffrage going on to become secretary of the North and East branch of the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies, donating to the National Society for Equal Citizenship and lobbying her MP to support women’s membership of Cambridge University.

She did not marry and at the time of gift to our village lived at Little Heath, just outside Potten End, in a house named Bocking.  She died at the age of 98 in 1962.