Potten End Village Hall Terms and Conditions of Hire

Responsibility of the Hirer

The full booking fee for an event is payable at the time the booking is confirmed.

The £200 damage deposit is payable two weeks prior to the function.

The premises must be used for the function booked only.

The hired premises, adjacent areas of the Hall, its equipment, fixtures, and fittings, in particular the Ballet Barre are not miss-used or damaged.

The number of people on the Hall premises must not exceed 150 at anytime. This number includes entertainers, caterers, musicians and others.

Crockery, tables, chairs, musical equipment, catering appliances etc, must be delivered and collected only during the booked time period of the function.

No nails, pins, blu-tack or adhesives of any nature are to be attached to the Hall premises or Hall property.

Breakages and spillages should be cleaned up immediately.

The hired premises and adjacent areas are vacated in a clean and tidy condition by the time specified in the booking form. Hirers to supply their own bin liners and ensure that all waste is removed from the premises and disposed of appropriately.

Any over-run is charged at three times the booked rate. Without exception the Hall must be vacated by midnight.

All persons attending the booked function leave in a quiet and orderly manner.

The fire precautions posted on the Hall premises are adhered to at all times. Hirer must ensure that people attending the booked function know the position and operation of the emergency exit doors and know the Hirer’s evacuation procedures. Fireworks, flares and candles are prohibited.

Licensed Conditions of the Hall

No one under the age of 18 or who is functionally impaired by alcohol may buy or be sold or supplied with or consume alcohol on the Hall premises or the surrounding areas.

The hirer must implement a policy of ‘No proof of age, no alcohol’

Any child present must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

If a ‘Pay Bar’ is provided the Hirer must use a licensed provider with evidence of that provider to the Caretaker Manager prior to setting up for the function.

No alcohol may be sold after 22:30 Monday to Thursday, or 23:00 Friday and Saturday.

The Hall is fitted with timers which automatically ‘cut off’ electrical musical equipment at 23.00 hrs musicians, DJ’s and or others must be told this.

The Caretaker may from time to time check the premises during the booked function; the Hirer must promptly comply with any instructions given by the Caretaker.

Booking Fee and Damage Deposit

The booking fee will be forfeited if the booking is cancelled within six months of the booked date.

Deduction from the damage deposit will be made:

– For costs incurred by the Village Hall Council due to breach of the Terms and Conditions or due to breakages and or damaged caused by the Hirer, the Hirer’s suppliers or guests.

If the Hirer’s caterers and or suppliers make deliveries and or collections outside the permitted times.

– If any waste is left on the premises a charge of £15 per bin liner will be deducted.

Subject thereto the damage deposit is refundable.

Notes for Hirers

If you are engaging caterers or other contactors who will need to deliver and or collect equipment for your function you must discuss times and arrangements with the Caretaker in advance.

You should discuss with the Caretaker in advance of the booked functions, the arrangements you are making for the clearing up and cleaning of the hired premises in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Hire.

It is not the Caretaker’s responsibility to be involved in the setting up and clearing up of the booked event or the reception and collection of equipment.

The Hall is in near constant use and it is essential that other users are not inconvenienced by your suppliers attempting to make deliveries or collections outside of the permitted times, or by anything left behind at the conclusion of your function. There is no facility for crockery, tables, chairs or other items to be left at the Hall outside of the times booked.

If the Hirer personally will not be supervising the clearing up and or cleaning of the premises at the end of the function the Caretaker must be given the contact details of the person (e.g. The Best Man or Bride’s Father in the case of a wedding) who will be responsible for ensuring that the Terms and Conditions of Hire are met. The Hirer must ensure that this person is aware of and will meet their obligations.

The Village Hall does not provide food or catering services, it is the responsibility of hirers to check that independent catering companies are operating under their own name and with their own insurance cover.